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About the author

David Cooke was born in 1953 in Wokingham, although his family comes from the West of Ireland.  In 1977, whilst he was an undergraduate at Nottingham University, he won a Gregory Award.  His first collection, Brueghel’s Dancers, was published in 1984, by Free Man’s Press Editions. His poems and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous journals such as Agenda, The Bow Wow Shop, Critical Quarterly, Cyphers, The Interpreter's House, The Irish Press, The London Magazine, The North, Orbis, Other Poetry, Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry London, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Reader, The SHOp, Stand, Staple, and The Use of English.  His retrospective collection, In the Distance, has just been published by Night Publishing.  Work Horses, a collection of his more recent work, is scheduled for publication by Ward Wood Publishing in 2012.

David Cooke is married with four grown-up children. For many years he was Head of Modern Languages at a large comprehensive school in Cleethorpes. For the past five years he has earned his living as an internet bookseller.

Praise for David Cooke

'The ghosts of a West of Ireland family haunt these poems, but Cooke is not treading ground already made familiar by others. Growing up in England, he is a poet whose ‘making strange’ grows naturally out of his exile between two countries. The limewashed pieties of rural Ireland are here, but in a wider context of European culture and history. After a long silence, David Cooke has burst back into life, in a welcome and gifted performance'.

William Bedford

'Along with his understanding of the poem as a made thing, Cooke exhibits a flair for investing the ordinary with new significance. Experimental in the best sense, technically impressive, rooted in the actuality of everyday experience, David Cooke's poetry is immediate, memorable and impressive.'

Ian Parks

'These beautifully honed and memorable poems are real finds. Wide-ranging in themes and form, they attest to a natural and extremely gifted poet.'

Patricia McCarthy

'David Cooke's In The Distance evokes diverse historical places or persons. Hauntingly and beautifully, he also reveals something more that can't be set in time and space. '

Paul Sutherland

'Like bulbs kept a long winter under the stairs, David Cooke’s poems are grounded in experience and grow on an integral rhythmic pulse. His poetry will amply reward the hearing it deserves’

Peter Robinson

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