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Summer Rain by Noel Duffy £9.99 £7.49 inc. UK pp
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Noel Duffy’s third collection, Summer Rain, takes the form of three sequences: the first, a drama, set in late 19th century Vienna, recounting the final years of Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann’s life. The second is a series of fifteen observational nature poems based on the cycle of water, reimagining the ideas of the Romantic Poets through the lens of 21st century knowledge. The final sequence is a series of intimate dramatic monologues unfolding in modern day Dublin as the Summer Rain of the title drifts in and out of the awareness of the ten speakers. These new poems follow on from Duffy’s earlier work, examining how the ideas of science and the experience of living collide and elaborate when viewed through a shared prism.

Praise for Noel Duffy’s Previous Collections

‘Duffy understands poetry. It’s his tradition, and he has a curatorial urge to see it thrive. He just gets down to the heart of things and gives us poems that matter.’

Poetry Ireland Review 

‘Duffy’s work is rooted in a deep study of his medium and the poems in  In The Library of Lost Objects work in concert in a way very few books achieve.’


‘A striking feature is the author’s fascination with the sciences, formal and natural... following in the illustrious footsteps of other scientist-poets: immunologist Miroslav Holub, biochemist Jean Bleakney, polymath Mario Petrucci, and fellow-physicist Iggy McGovern.’


‘There is throughout this book a sense of continuity through history... that paradoxically accommodates change through experience and experiment. As such, it’s not just Duffy’s education in experimental physics that shows throughout this book but the influence of science on the world of emotions and personal experience.’

The Lake

‘The truth is that the poems sing with the pure ideas of a poet who has honed his craft, but still remains full of wonder.’

Write Out Loud

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