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Midas Touch by Mike Horwood£7.99 £7.49 inc. UK pp
Release date: End of November 2010
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Midas Touch

From childhood to middle age, from the everyday to the mythological, as plain-spoken realism or surrealist fantasy, in England, Switzerland, Greece and Finland, the poems in this collection cover a lot of ground. But they all have something in common; the suggestiveness of the language Mike Horwood uses to present action, objects and places, which Jo Shapcott describes as `his ability to make simple things in the material world resonate with mystery.´

In Mike Horwood´s world appearances are not always what they seem, something moves just below the surface, so that reading these poems we feel like the narrator in `Bream´, half glimpsing the fish in the lake´s depths, `like the suspicion of movement underwater at the point where vision and imagination meet.´


Mike Horwood has lived in Finland since 1985. He studied for an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and completed a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing at Bangor University in 2014.

He has published a translation from the Finnish of Martti Hynynen´s collection island, nameless rock and many of his poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies.

Ward Wood has also published his novels The Finn's Tale and Arthur’s Eventful Weekend and his poetry collection Falstaff's Gut.


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