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Falstaff's Gut by Mike Horwood£7.99 £7.49 inc. UK pp
Release date: End of September 2014
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Taking subjects as varied as childhood seaside holidays, driving on a country road in Finland, and armed conflicts, these poems all take up the position of close observation of the world around us, and by making some surprising comparisons, they examine the processes by which we attach meaning to our sense perceptions. They inhabit the space between the real world and consciousness, where imagination produces meaning and wonder:

It’s like the globe
suspended on strands of plasticine.
It’s like the ocean
scooped up into a rubber balloon.
It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.
                                  ‘Falstaff’s Gut’
‘These poems are full of verve – quirky and colloquial, yet delicately crafted, hiking across a topography of 'solid' perceptions which turn out to contain new layers and depths. Philosophically aware, the poems nevertheless connect with the earthy humanity of a Falstaff. The combination is witty, original and entertaining. ‘
 Donald Adamson


Mike Horwood has lived in Finland since 1985. He studied for an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and completed a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing at Bangor University in 2014.

He has published a translation from the Finnish of Martti Hynynen´s collection island, nameless rock and many of his poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies.

Ward Wood has also published his novels The Finn's Tale and Arthur’s Eventful Weekend and his poetry collection Midas Touch.

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