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The Finn's tale by Mike Horwood £8.99 £8.49 inc. UK pp
Release date: March 2011
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The Finn's tale

Len Makinen tells the story of his family roots; of how his grandparents emigrated from Finland in 1920 and settled in America. In middle age Len suddenly becomes interested in his family history and the unknown relatives who live in Finland. He re-establishes contact and eventually travels to Finland to meet them, to see the village that his grandparents left and the land they worked on, to discover what his life would have been if he´d been born a Finn. In The Finn´s Tale, Len recounts his experiences on that trip and what it taught him about himself, but The Finn´s Tale is not Len´s story: it´s the story of the second cousin, Päivi, who he meets there … and of much else besides.


Mike Horwood has lived in Finland since 1985. He studied for an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and completed a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing at Bangor University in 2014.

He has published a translation from the Finnish of Martti Hynynen´s collection island, nameless rock and many of his poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies.

Ward Wood has also published his novel Arthur’s Eventful Weekend and his poetry collections Midas Touch and Falstaff's Gut.

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