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Articulus Anthology £11.99 £8.49 inc UK pp
Release date:May 2013
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Articulus New Writing from the Royal Holloway BA 2012.

Second annual Anthology by the BA Students of the Royal Holloway, University of London English department 2012

This year marks the second annual publication of creative work produced by graduating students from the English Department at Royal Holloway, University of London which prides itself on offering some of the most exciting and innovative BA courses in Creative Writing and English Literature and Creative Writing and Drama in the country.

Many of the students represented here have had the opportunity of following one of these degree pathways, which allows them to combine a study of both academic and creative modes of writing and reading throughout their degree. Other students in the anthology have taken practice-based courses as part of their degree in English Literature or Drama.

The strength of professional experience and critical diversity with regards to the teaching of writing is one of the emerging hallmarks of this department at Royal Holloway, intrinsic to its growing reputation as the place to study Creative Writing and literature in the UK.  This ethos is reflected in the wide ranging approaches to the making of writing showcased here.

The anthology has been selected, edited and organised by the students themselves and contains a diverse selection of writing including poetry, fiction and playwriting.  It is a multi-faceted whole that is true to the title chosen by them to give shape to its articulate and articulating scope for the possibilities of writing, now and for the future.


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